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Digital Printer Technology - Better Than Ink Jet?

Digital Printing

Big projects need big printers- and the digital inkjet printer may just be the printer of the future
for copier and large printing needs.

Inkjet printers have a lot of benefits. They’re faster and more efficient than traditional printers
and copiers. They’re also better for graphics or photo printing- with more depth and realism than
traditional printers.

Older printers lead to problems— like limitations with printing and current technology— as well
as mechanical issues. Digital inkjet printers allow for the more technologically advanced print
jobs to be done with ease. If you offer a product that can’t be printed on an older or existing
model- digital might be just right for you.

Digital inkjet printers offer a wide variety of printing capabilities. From graphics and photos to
magnets and USB drives- it can fulfill the needs of multiple industries and businesses alike. It
also can allow for printing on plastic. If you’re a small business making bottles or products in jars
like makeup, skincare, etc.— you can use a printer like this to print labels on your product prior
to shipment.

Digital printing can also allow for you to print with better color payoff-- and better overall color
match. No more weird or bleeding colored pages! You also have a wider variety of color
options- compared to other printers which limit your color selection. There is a possibility with
digital printing that some of the file image gets lost in the printing process-- so be wary of that if
you’re printing specific pictures or files.

If you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact-- digital inkjet printers are environmentally
friendly! Inkjet printers only eject ink for the parts that will be printed-- which reduces waste from
ink cartridge refills.

If you are looking to upgrade your office printer- digital inkjet printers require minimal set up to
install and get to printing. This can be beneficial if you are eager to start a small business or get
things printed up quickly and easily. It’s also fairly easy to set up yourself-- without requiring a
tech to come out and do it for you or explain how to do it.

There are disadvantages to digital inkjet printing. If you are planning on upgrading-- it’s good to
keep these disadvantages in mind when choosing the right printer for you.

While it’s cost effective for small or quick print jobs-- large print jobs can get expensive using
this medium. The bigger the job, the higher the print cost. If you choose to use a digital printer
for large print jobs--- you could find yourself shelling out a lot more cash for print jobs than you

In spite of having a wide variety of colors, digital printing doesn’t offer metallic color options. So
if you have certain colors you want-- you may be out of luck with this printer. This also goes for
very dark colors-- if you want to print something white on black paper-- you’ll have difficulty
getting a successful print job. You will have less color bleed and better color payoff with this
type of printer, but that goes against the issues with other colors.

You have to keep up with the maintenance on it-- which can get time consuming and even
costly if you have to repair it often. These printers usually require less repair and maintenance,
but it’s still good to keep it in peak performance condition as often as possible. Ink often fades
when exposed to sunlight-- and unfortunately for digital printing-- this process is often faster for
these kind of inks. So if you’re going to print something and you want it to last-- there are better
options out there for you aside from digital inkjet printers.

Digital printers often require smaller paper sizes if you’re using a digital printing press. This can
be difficult if you wanted a certain size for your print jobs-- because there’s no guarantee that
printer can take paper over a certain size.

There are many pros and cons to digital inkjet printers. They can be a great option if you’re
looking to upgrade your office or small business printer. There are drawbacks, however--
especially with large print jobs and certain color elements. But overall-- if you’re a small
business or regular office setting-- this could be the best printer option for you.

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