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Klean Kopy sells new and used copy machines throughout Tampa.

The business has been providing high-quality used office copier solutions for more than 20 years. Because we are centrally located in Tampa, we easily provide copier repair, service, rentals, and more all over the Tampa area including Clearwater, Brandon, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, and their surrounding areas. From our 12,000 sq. foot office and warehouse, we can easily provide new and used office copier, scanner, and fax machine combinations for any sized company, from Fortune 500 to small offices.

Klean Kopy, Inc.
Digital Printing

Digital Printer Technology - Better Than Ink Jet?

Evolution in printing technology now going beyond ink jet to digital printing.

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When is it time to upgrade a Copier?

Copiers have their own life cycle of productivity. It is like a golf club, you don't have to get the latest every eary but probably every 3-5 years the copier technology including secuirty gets more advancedments that it would be worth replacement consideration.

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KYOCERA Software Amazes

KYOCERA a leader in work horse office copier machines is no slouch when it comes to technlogy.

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