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When is it time to upgrade a Copier?

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It’s an all to common fear in an office--

You finish a major project or proposal, go to print, and the printer dies or breaks.
So just how long should you keep your printer before it’s time for an upgrade?

According to Cartridge World, the average office laser printer has a life span of two to
three years. But that doesn’t mean it gets replaced in that time frame. Many office managers
and CEO’s are hesitant to replace printers so often-- and keep them running well beyond their
allotted time.

Repairs to an older printer aren’t cheap, either. On average, printer repair costs are
three times higher than the cost of a brand new machine. Taking into account how much a
printer impacts the daily routine in an office setting-- that expense can add up fast.
Look out for the warning signs that your office printer needs an upgrade. Here are a few:

1. New Security needs an upgrade

Cybersecurity attacks are rampant right now-- and one of the major targets is small
businesses. Small businesses don’t have nearly the security and infrastructure for technology
as a larger corporation-- and hackers know this. They will hack into any device that gets them
access to your information-- and that includes your printer. If your printer can’t handle the latest
security software, or it doesn’t allow for software at all, it’s time to get a new one.This security
upgrade can include anything from password protection for your printer-- to authentication in
case you leave behind sensitive material in the paper tray. This protects you, your fellow
employees, and hackers from getting any sensitive information you may have on your office

2. Your printing costs are adding up

If you’re spending a ton on printing, ink, toner, etc… you may want to look into upgrading
that printer. Overspending on printing is a sign that your printer isn’t working as efficiently as it
should be. Although frequent small repairs and costs are common with printers-- larger repairs
and higher costs may be a sign that an upgrade is in order. Operating costs-- like ink and toner
cartridges-- tend to increase the most when working with an outdated printer. To lower costs,
find a more efficient model that can keep your printer and toner costs down-- and repairs to a

Contact Klean Kopy and ask about out toner and other supplies.

3. You need more power

Do you find yourself having to print a ton of stuff-- but it takes way longer than it should--
or more printing? You may need an upgrade. If your printer can’t handle the workload like it
used to- an upgrade could be in order. Older print models may not have the functionality to
handle a busy office setting with loads of printing jobs. Or, maybe you recently expanded your
business and need a printer that can handle bigger print jobs. Either way, if your printer is slow

to the job-- an upgrade is a good idea. Newer models also have features that can optimize your
printing experience- allowing for a more smooth job-- and more printing to be done.

4. Lower Quality Printing

You’ve made it to the deadline. The meeting is approaching. You go to print your notes--
and the words are smudged-- or the print just isn’t the same quality as it used to be. This is a
sign it’s time to upgrade. It’s common to ignore small problems like a quality issue when it
comes to printing-- but this is a simple thing that can lead to bigger problems down the line if
you don’t act fast. Anything from dirty print heads to low ink supply could be affecting your
printer’s quality-- and sometimes the upgrade is the best thing you can do. Cleaning and repairs
aren’t always doable depending on the printer model- so sometimes for the sake of quality
product- it’s best to bring in a new model. This also includes slow printing. If your printer takes
double the time to print when it used to print hundreds of documents in no time- you need a new
printer. Slower printing can mean extra time waiting and more hassle-- when you could be
moving on to other projects in the meantime.

Getting a new office printer isn’t always a fun task. Many office managers and business
owners dread the idea of upgrading their old model for the latest technology. Why replace it
when the existing printer works just fine? Well, it may not be. Printer quality and performance
can have consequences on the overall product if the printer isn’t working correctly. Repairs and
maintenance on the printer can add up fast-- and sometimes-- the repair cost outweighs the
benefits of buying a new machine all together. For the sake of the business-- maybe it’s best to
get a new printer-- and avoid the headache of lesser quality print jobs.

Klean Kopy will evaluate your machine, maybe even buy it back, and put you into an upgrade for one low payment.  Reach out to Mike today.



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